San Marino 1 cent Euro coin
1 cent
Third tower

San Marino 2 cents Euro coin
2 cents
Statue of Liberty

San Marino 5 cents Euro coin
5 cents
First tower

San Marino 10 cents Euro coin
10 cents

San Marino 20 cents Euro coin
20 cents
Saint Marinus

San Marino 50 cents Euro coin
50 cents
The Three Towers

San Marino 2 Euro coin
1 Euro
Coast of Arms

San Marino 2 Euros coin
2 Euros
Palazzo Pubblico

Repubblica di San Marino

Set between the Emillia-Romagna and the Marche regions, the Republic of San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe. It was founded In 301 AD. by the Dalmatian stone-cutter Marino, who according to the legend went there to seek refuge from the persecutions of emperor Diocletian. Since then, the small State has enjoyed a history of freedom and independence that has always been defended with strength and wisdom, and against anyone. Free Commune also during the period of the difficult Renaissance equilibriums, San Marino has reconciled with modern times by respecting regulations and century-old traditions.

Since 1463, its territory has remained unchanged. The Republic of San Marino was militarily occupied twice, but only for a few months: in 1503 by Cesare Borgia and in 1739 by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni. It shook off the Borgia when the tyrant died. And it escaped the suppression of Cardinal Alberoni through civil disobedience and sending clandestine messages to obtain justice from the Supreme Pontiff, who recognized San Marino’s rights and restored its independence.

In 1797, Napoleon offered to expand the territory, he offered gifts and friendship to the Republic of San Marino. The San Marino citizens were grateful for and honored by such donations, but with instinctive wisdom they rejected the offer to expand the territory being satisfied within their borders.

Generous and solid, the tiny republic opened its gates several times to those who, in stormy periods of the Italian history, came here to seek refuge and protection. Amongst these, the hero of the two worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi and more than hundred thousand people, who escaped from the bombings of the Second World War. The judiciary is entrusted with two Governing Captains, elected every six months, who fulfill the duties of heads of State and preside over the State Congress that holds the executive power, and the Grand and General Council that holds the legislative power.

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