The Salvation Army in Norway

A world crusade against evil was Englishman William Booth’s target when he founded the Salvation Army in 1865. He understood that the joy, the uniform organization, short comprehensible prayer meetings and melodious songs and music would appeal to many People. Only 30 years after its start the Salvation Army had gained a footing in more than 50 countries and William Booth’s writings were being published in 30 languages.

Today the Salvation Army is an organization which stands outside and between the different faiths; it is one largest temperance societies and one of the largest federations of Christian missions in the world.

At William Booth’s request, Commander Hanna Ouchterlony undertook the work of building up the organization in Norway. In its centenary year, the Salvation Army in Norway has 44,000 members, of whom more than 10,000 are soldiers.

Ever since the Salvation Army began its social work in Norway in 1891, the "slum sisters" have gone in and out of homes where their acts of charity were needed and welcomed. Their help to the poor and needy was organized by Othilie Tonning. She was born in Stavanger on 4 .January 1865, the year in which William Booth founded the Salvation Army.

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