Factoring Calculator

Welcome to the fastest and best online Factoring Calculator.

It is easy to use! Simply enter a number below, then press "Factor" and we will calculate all the factors for that number.

A factor of a number is an integer that you can multiply with another integer to get that number. All numbers have 1 and the number itself as factors.

A number divided by one of its factors will equal an integer and be one of the number's other factors.

For instance, let's use 12. You want to find which two numbers multiplied together equal 12, or in other words, which numbers divide evenly into 12 with no remainder.

Most numbers have many factors. Our popular Factoring Calculator above will display all the factors for any number you enter.

Note that your teacher may refer to this Factoring Calculator as the Factorization Calculator. Factoring Calculator and Factorization Calculator mean the same thing.

Factoring Large Numbers
Our Factoring Calculator can calculate the factors of any number up to 99,999,999. However, note that it uses Javascript that is running in the browser on your computer.

Calculating numbers under a million is fast on most computers, but some higher numbers may take a few seconds to calculate if you have a slower, older computer.

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