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Antique Stock Certificate

Standard Catalog of Stocks

Scripophily Books

Scripophily: Art of Finance
Scripophily draws collectors because of the themed, dramatic art and historical representation each old bond or stock certificate holds. The mostly defunct, but sometimes live, original documents portray great historic themes of discovery, new technology, and financial institutions. Now back in print, this edition offers essential hobby background information, an overview of main collecting themes by country and subject, and advice on building, maintaining, valuing, and selling a collection.

Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2005: Antique Stock & Bond Price Guide
This almanac is a reference source for both beginning and advanced collectors of old and antique stock and bond certificates, and a great resource for those who are new to the hobby. This edition is completely updated with various articles about old certificates, definitions, and collecting tips. The certificates are listed by type: Aircraft, Automobile, Bank, Beverage, Entertainment, Government, Manufacturing, Mining, Miscellaneous, Oil, Railroad, Ship and Telecommunications. There are over 5,000 listings which include company name, whether issued or cancelled, date, state or country, vignette (the picture on the certificate), signatures, and value.

Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds
Scripophily, collecting old stock certificates, is the fastest growing hobby in America. It touches elements of many different collectible areas including numismatics, paper, and advertising. This comprehensive pictorial price guide for world stocks and bonds has a heavy U.S. focus and provides more than 6,500 listings with prices and detailed descriptions, and more than 2,500 illustrations of certificates. Discover the history of stocks and bonds and how to get started in the hobby.

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