Animals From Norway

Brown Bear
Brown bear Ursus arctos, was preserved i Norway in 1973 due to the risk of extinction. Today there are about 50 - 60 bears in Norway.
Elk (Deer) Cervus elaphus atlanticus, i commonly found at the wes coast of Norway, but now it can be found as far north as the county of Nord Trøndelag.
The Norwegian Lynx was once in danger of extinction, but the population of the species is now growing.
Moose Alces alces, is to be found almost all over the country. Today the stock counts about 100 000 animals.
Mosk Ovibos mascatus, became extinct during the last glacial period i Norway. In 1932, 10 young animals were imported to Dovre national park and today they count about 60 - 70 animals.
Polar Bear 2

Phonecard featuring the polar bear.
This reindeer pictured is only to be found at Svalbard.
Red Fox

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes, is the most common wild animal in Norway and is found all over the country.
During the summer, the walrus is to be found at Svalbard. The population is strongly reduced due to earlier years of hunting, but has been protected since 1952

Wolverine from Norway
Mountain Fox

The mountain fox is protected by Norwegian law.

Polar Bear 1
The polar bear is despite its beautiful creature not in any way a harmless animal.


Today wolves are considered an endangered species in Norway and hunting them is prohibited by law.

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