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Attractions in Norway

The Preachers Pulpi
The preacher’s pulpit is a popular tourist sight in the Forsand district in Rogaland. The vertical drop is 597 metres down to the fjord.
The Preachers Pulpi
This lighthouse is in the Tvedestrand district. It was founded in 1879 and has a reach of 14 nautical miles.
North Cape
The North Cape is a favoured distination for norwegian and foreign tourists wishing to experience the midnight sun.
Aker Brygge Oslo Norway
Aker Brygge, a new and exciting area by the harbour of Oslo.
Vøringsfossen with a fall of 182 meters, is one of Norways most impressire waterfalls.
Lyngen Troms
The Lyngen Fjord lies to the east of Tromsø.. Surrounded by steep mountains, Lyngen is an awesome sight.
Rondane is the second highest mountain range in Norway, with 10 peaks over 2000 metres. Rondeslottet at 2178 metres is the highest of these mountains. Rondane was designated as a national park as early as 1962.
Sandfjorden lies just west of Sletnes lighthouse - the most northern lighthouse on the mainland. The climate can ber servere in the north, but when the weather gods are benevolent, Sandfjorden can be outstandingly beautiful.
Isfjord Radio
On 22 November 1996, it was 85 years since Telenor established the first link between Svalbard and the Norwegian mainland.
The motive on this card is from ’Trysil-fjellet’.
In the connection with Trondheim’s 1000-years anniversary, Telenor released a phonecard with a motif from the city.
A beautiful picture of the Fort of Akershus (located in Oslo) celebrating the 700 year anniversary.
Maihaugen Musem
Maihaugen Open Air Museum at Lillehammer.
Telemark Canal
The Telemark Canal from Skien to Dalen one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. Enjoy locks, canals, nature and culture in the heart of Telemark.
Hurtigruta - The worlds most beautiful voyage with 34 ports from Bergen to Kirkenes, near the Russian border. The ship pictured on the card is "MS Lofoten".
The motif of the Phonecard is the 120 metre tall Tyholt Telecommunication tower in Trondheim, with a spectacular view and a rotating restaurant 74 metres up in the air.
The most famous sculpture in Norway, you can find in Frognerparken in Oslo.

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