Birds From Norway

Largest Falcon Tengmalms Owl
On the left above, you see the Gyr Falcon. The Gyr Falcon is a sparse breeding specie in tree-less moutains and in birch- and willow regions in Norway. The falcon can have a wingspan of up to 134 cm and is the largest falcon. On the right above, you see the Tengmalm's Owl. The Tengmalm’s Owl is widespread throughout Southern Norway and up along the coast to Troms. It is a relatively small owl with a wingspan of 50-62 cm.

Arctic Tern
This arctic tern nests in Svalbard, but travels in the winter to the southern hemisphere.
Northern Goshawk The Northern Goshawk is widespread throughout most of the country except the inner high mountain areas. The hawk may have a wingspan of up to 130 cm.
Puffin At Svalbard, the puffin is commonly found at the west and north coast of Spitsbergen, where it nests in the inaccessible cliff sides.
Rough Legged Buzzard The buzzard is to be found in most parts of Northern Norway and in the mountains in Southern Norway. It has a wingspan of up to 140 cm.
The Snowy Owl is Norway’s third largest owl with a wingspan of up to 150 cm. It has a sparse extensiveness on tundra and high-mountains plateau down to Hardangervidda. Very rare and may some years be absent as breeding specie in Norway.
White Tailed Eagle
The white-tailed Eagle exists from Rogaland to Finnmark and is the largest of our birds of prey with a wingspan of up to 265 cm.
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