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Places in Norway

Aalesund City
Aalesund City, at the north-western coast of Norway.
Lofoten is a string of islands in the Northern region of the country that covers an area of 160 kilometers.
Hamnøy Lofoten
This quaint fishing village of Hamnøy is located near Reinefjord in Lofoten.
Skibladner on Mjøsa
Skibladner, the world’s oldest steam-driven paddelboat still in operation, sails on Lake Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake.
Houses dating as far back as the 1800’s are nestled together in Stavanger’s old town
Aalesund City
’Bryggen’ in Bergen is preserved in the architectual style of the 1700’s and is included on UNESCO’s list of culturel monuments.
The island of Merdø, the origin of the city of Arendal, is a popular summer retreat for Norwegians.
Lofoten islands, an overview of Moskenes and Reine i northern Norway.
’Aker Brygge’ in Oslo

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