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Ice Hockey
Telenor was the main sponsor of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Team before the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. This card is one of the most popular Norwegian phonecards among phone card collectors.
Issued for hundred World Championship in Cycling was arranged in Oslo and Hamar from 17th to 29th of August 1993.
Cykling PressCard
This Press-phone card was made for World Championship in Cycling. Nordahl Design made the illustration of a reporter calling home to his news desk with a phone card. The card was produced by the Telenor Olympic Games project, and the card has the logo of the ’94 Winter Olympics.
Fotball Norway Team 1994
From the 1994 World Championship in Soccer.
The National Norwegian team in a match with Polen just before the World Championship in football.
Ullevål Stadion
The motive is from Ullevål Stadion in Oslo.
Tommy Moe is pictured on this promotion card.
The 1995 World Championship in athletics was held in Goethenburg in August 1995. The Norwegian high-jumper Steinar Hoen is featured on the front side of the card.
This is the first card in Telenor’s series of high-risk sport phonecards.
The Whitbread Round the World Race is the toughest yacht race in the world.
Rafting has become a very popular sport, and the most famous place for rafting in Norway is Sjoa - a must for tourists.
Snowboarding was first introduced in Norway in the early 1980 s, and has become a very popular sport.
The increasingly popular skiing style, called Telemark is practiced not only in Norway, but also in many other countries with good skiing conditions.
Alpine is a sport where Norway has done very well in international competitions.
Fotball Norway Team 1998
This phonecard features a lineup of some of the players on the Norwegian team.
The "Telenor games" is the one and only Nation-wide championship in summersports for teenagers.
Skateboarding is still a popular hobby for young people.
The Norwegian athlet Geir Moen is pictured on the firs out of two cards issued in connection with the World Championship in athletics.
The Norwegian athlet Hanne Haugland is pictured on this second card issued in connection with the World Championship in athletics.
The motive is drawned by Christoffer Norén, who won the Norway Cup drawing competition in 1999.
Snowboard is a very popular sport for young people
Freestyle is a very popular wintersport.
Downhill is a very popular wintersport for young people
The motive is from The Winter Rally 2002 in Norway. The Rally-driver is Morten Østberg.

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