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Thor Heyerdahl

Tigris ThorHeyerDahl

The reed boat Tigris crossed the Indian Ocean from asia to Africa in 1978. the Expedition proved that the tree oldest civilizations those of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley could have itercommunicated when they suddenly appreard five thousand years ago. The Tigris boat was burned in April 1978 in protest of war and sales of arms to developing nationes in the part of the world that had laid the fundation of our civilization.

Ra II ThorHeyerDahl

In 1969 - With a copy of an ancient Egyptian papyrus vessel RA ll Thor Heyerdahl and his crew sailed from Marocco to Barbados, a distance of 4000 miles, in just 57 days. The Ra Expedition proved that it had been possible with transatlantic contacts between the old civilisations and the Americas.

Rapa Nui ThorHeyerDahl

In 1955-56 Thor Heyerdahl and his archaeologist undertook the first professional excavations of Rapa Nui, famed for its more than 600 giant stone heads.

Kon-Tiki ThorHeyerDahl

In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl and his crew crossed 5.000 miles of the Pacific Ocean with the Balsa raft Kon-Tiki.

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