Flower Stamp Collection

Flowers on stamps often look as if they have been dissected, dutifully reproduced in detail, but taken out of context. Nature photograph her Jon østeng Hov’s flowers, found in his immediate surroundings, are alive and express both vitality and love.

Not unnaturally, perhaps, as he has a close relationship with each of them: ‘It puts me in such an immensely good mood to see the coltsfoot in the early spring: the optimist, keeping company with the last vestiges of snow by the roadside.'

‘The red clover and harebell almost make me feel like a boy again, when I went with my mother up to the mountain farm and I could run barefoot through a dewy meadow full of flowers.' ‘The oxeye daisy? It’s like the definition of summer: both warm and bright'.

And it is wonderful to breathe in the fragrance of the lily of the valley on a summer’s evening, bringing back intoxicating memories of that first love and the delicious scent of my first school teacher.'

Red Clover   Coltsfoot   Harebell

Oxeye   Lily

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