40 Beats Per Minute Resting Heart Rate

Here we will discuss what it means to have a resting heart rate of 40 beats per minute or 40 bpm for short.

40 beats per minute means that your heart contracts (beats) 40 times per minute. Furthermore, "resting heart rate" means that the rate was measured when you were relaxed and calm and not when doing any exercise nor had any strong emotions. This is when the heart is pumping the least amount of blood.

The chart below shows the American Heart Association's range of normal and not normal resting beats per minute.

Less than 60: Not Normal
60 to 100: Normal
More than 100: Not Normal

Per the chart above, an 40 Beats Per Minute Resting Heart Rate fits below the normal range.

A heart rate below 60 is called Bradycardia which means slow heart. Although your bpm is less than the normal range, it may not mean that it is bad. Very fit and very active people may see the resting beats per minute less than the normal 60 to 100 range. However, a low resting heart rate may cause you to feel weak and tired. It can even make you faint.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page about a bpm of 40 may not apply to your particular body, height, weight, age, fitness, or other conditions. For any questions and concerns about your heart rate, we recommend that you consult a medical doctor.

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