File Permissions Calculator

File Permissions

This File Permissions Calculator, also known as the chmod calculator, can do three things. It can show you what Linux or UNIX command to use to set permissions on a file, based on your preference. It can tell you what a chmod command will do, and it can evaluate file permissions.

Create Command
Choose the permissions you want for your file:




chmod 000 filename.txt

chmod Meaning
Type in the three digit (0-7) chmod command that you want more information about.


Permissions Meaning
Type in the 9 character (r,w,x,-) permissions setting for your file to find out what it means.

Here are some examples of what we can explain for you and give you more information about.

chmod 777

chmod 755

chmod 600

chmod 700

chmod 644

chmod 775

rw-r--r-- permissions

rwxrwxrwx permissions

rwxr--r-- permissions

rwxr-xr-x permissions

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