What does chmod 777 mean?

chmod 777

Chmod (change mode) is a UNIX/Linux command that you can use to change permissions on a file. Here we will explain how the chmod 777 UNIX/Linux command changes your file permissions. We start by color-coding the three digits in 777, like this, so it is easy to follow along:


The three digits refer to three different permissions:

7: Owner Permissions
7: Group Permissions
7: Everyone Permissions

Furthermore, chmod digits give the following kind of permissions:

1 = Execute
2 = Write
3 = Write & Execute
4 = Read
5 = Read & Execute
6 = Read & Write
7 = Read, Write & Execute

Now, when we put it all together, we can see what the chmod 777 command means and what it will do to your file permissions:

7: Owner can read, write and execute
7: Group can read, write and execute
7: Everyone can read, write and execute

chmod 776
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