Welcome to Grinebiter

Welcome to Grinebiter. We hope you will find our collections interesting, and our calculators and converters useful and helpful.

What Number Calculator
If you take x percent of a number and get y, then what is that number?

Sum of Digits Calculator
Here you can enter any number to calculate sum of its digits.

cm in height converter
Need to know cm in height? No problem! Just go here.

Tenths Lookup.

Hundredths Lookup.

Thousandths Lookup

Grinebiter Favorites:

Random Integer Generator
Here is the best online Random Integer Generator. It can generate positive and negative random integers.


Factoring Calculator
The fastest and best online Factoring Calculator.

Number Lookup
Our Number Lookup gives you tons of interesting information about the number of your choice.

Monthly Calendar
Here you can look up the monthly calendar for any month in any year, whether it's in the past or the future.

Coin Converter
Convert one coin denomination to another denomination while keeping the same value.


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