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Insurance Companies
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We hope you will enjoy this Insurance stock certificates collection from Norway.

Christiania Søforsikingselskap
Oslo, Norway 1928

Corona Forsikrings-A/S
Sandefjord, Norway 1919

Dovre ForsikringsA/S
Christiania, Norway 1911

Dovre ForsikringsA/S
Christiania, Norway 1915

Dovre ForsikringsA/S
Oslo, Norway 1971

Norske Globus Forsikring
Kristiania, Norway 1918

Norske Lloyd Forsikring
Kristiania, Norway 1918

Norske Merkantile Forsik.
Kristiania, Norway 1919

Patria Norsk Forsik.A/S
Tønsberg, Norway 1917

Rogaland Reassurance
Stavanger, Norway 1918

Sandefjord Sjøforsikring
Sandefjord, Norway 1918

Skandinaviske Lloyd A/S
Kristiania, Norway 1918

Sol Norsk ForsikringsA/S
Kristiania, Norway 1918

Stavanger ForsikringsA/S
Stavanger, Norway 1942

Tellus ForsikringsA/S
Fredrikshald, Norway 1918

Vega ForsikringsA/S
Oslo, Norway 1938

Vesstlandske Forsikr.A/S
Stavanger, Norway 1921

Vesta Forsikrings Aktieselskapet
Bergen, Norway 1938

Vesta Forsikrings Aktieselskapet
Bergen, Norway 1938

Vestnorge Reassurance
Haugesund, Norway 1918

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Norske Gjensidige Insurance Policy The above picture is of an insurance policy issued by 'Det Norske Gjensidige Skogbrands forsikrings selskap' It was issued in Kristiania, Norway back in 1924. (Kristiania is now called Oslo and 'forsikring' is the norwegian word for insurance) Many stock certificate collectors also collects receipts, invoices, and other documents associated with their old stocks.

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