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Norsk Selskap
For Scripofili

Old Stock Certificates

These days, proof of owning part of a company (stocks) is simply a digitized number in a stockbroker account and maybe a written transaction confirmation.

It was not always like that. In the past, you would receive a fancy paper from the company you invested in showing your name and the amount you invested. This paper (Stock Certificate) was usually well decorated with the officer's signatures and sometimes even stated the company's purpose and a picture of the actual factory, ship, train or whatever.

Studying and collecting these old certificates is called scripophily and is a growing hobby around the world.

We hope you will enjoy Grinebiter's collection of old stock certificates.

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Stock Certificate for Sale
Aktieselskapet Skiens og Oplands Privatbank - Stock certificate in the amount of 250 kroner. Issued January 2, 1917. Good Quality, In stock. Ships within 24 hours..
Normal Price: $89.95
Sales Price: $69.95

First Stock Certificate: The world's oldest "stock corporation" is believed to be Stora Kopparberg in Sweden. Already in the 1200s, this company was incorporated. Stock Certificates was introduced in the late Renaissance, and was an important instrument during the industrial revolution.

Is collecting Stock certificates a good investment? They do not make stock certificates anymore. Thus, the supply of stock certificates are limited which means that the price of the existing stocks should go up as more people get interested in scripophily and thereby increase the demand.

Valuable Stock Certificates: Stock Certificates from companies that have had a historical significance in society and a genuine signature, are often the most sought after. For example, a stock certificate from 1876 from Standard Oil, signed by John D. Rockefeller is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Learn more about stock certificate valuation.

If you speak norwegian, you may enjoy our old stock certificate descriptions with pictures: Aksjebrev bilder med historie.

Animal Stocks
A few stock certificates of businesses working with animals.

Bank Stocks
The world's largest online display of Norwegian Bank Stocks.

Bonds from Norway
Mostly small government bonds, but also some companies.

Brewery Stocks
If you like beer, you may like this collection.

Business Stocks
A collection of different certificates from Norway's Business world.

Hotel and Restaurants Stocks
Historic Hotels and fancy restaurants

Dairy Stocks
Collection of old Norwegian dairy stocks.

Electricity Stocks
Interesting power companies.

Financial Stocks
Financial Stocks from the Norwegian Industrial revolution.

Fishery Stocks
Norway has a large fish industry as you can see from this collection.

Food Company stocks
The Bread and Butter stock collection

Fur Company Stocks
Stock certificates of fur companies from Norway.

Hotels Stocks and bonds from France
Interesting and decorative bonds and stocks from France. Most issued in Paris during the 1920s.

Insurance Stocks from Denmark
Small, but interesting collection from Denmark.

Insurance Stocks from Norway
Older insurance stocks including an actual policy from 1924.

Industrial Stocks
Different companies from many different kinds of industries.

Machine Stocks
Norwegian Manufacturing companies from early 1900s.

Mechanics Stocks
Decorative factory stocks that are almost 100 hundred years old.

Mining Stocks
Although Norway is more known for oil, they do have a substantial mining industry.

Newspaper Stocks
Read these newspaper stock certificates from Norway!

Publishers Stocks
Publishers from Norway.

Railroad Stocks from Norway
Not as large as our famous swedish railroad collection, but we still like this one.

Shoes Stocks
Our very popular shoes old stock certificate collection.

Railroad Stocks from Sweden
One of the largest online collections of old railroad stock certificates from Sweden.

Real Estate Stocks
Real Estate stocks may not be the best looking stocks in the world.

Shipping Stocks
Norway has a long and interesting history in the shipping industry as reflected by this stock collection.

Theater Stocks
Performing Art and Movie theater stocks. Some very valuable.

Timber Stocks
Timber and Paper stocks from Norway.

Transportation Stocks
Public and private transportation companies.

Whaling Stocks from Norway
Norway has a long history of catching whale.

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