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Find out how much your Norwegian stamps are worth!
Price list of all Norwegian stamps.

Norwegian Stamps

Your source for everything related to stamps from Norway. Enjoy!

Norwegian Stamp Booklets
A complete list with pictures of all stamp booklets issued in Norway in modern times. Also called: Frimerke Hefter.

Norwegian Miniature stamp sheets
A list of of Miniature stamp sheets issued in Norway. Also called Miniatyrark.

Norwegian Stamps Price List
Grinebiter's suggested retail price of all Norwegian Stamps. Also called Prisliste for Norske Frimerker.

Norske Frimerker
Norske Frimerker med norsk text.. Complete list of Norwegian Stamps. Se de fleste norske frimerker sortert per NK nummer eller alfabetisk.

Johan Svendsen
Famous Norwegian Composer and conductor

King Christian IV
Driving force behind Norway’s development into an industrial country.

Otto Sverdrup
The Captain of Fram.

Peter Wessel Tordenskiold
Legendary hero of the seas and a Norwegian icon.

Norway Post’s tourist stamps represent one of the most exciting traditions in Norwegian stamp production.
Not only because these stamps are unusually beautiful, but also because they are an incitement to finally take that trip to a place you have known about and loved from afar. The tourist stamps make you want to go out and discover Norway.

The gatepost to the Oslo Fjord.

Most picturesque in the whole of Lofoten.

The world’s most northerly town

No matter where you are in Røros, you can see the famous old baroque church.

The home of the strong and fertile.

Norway's most easterly city.

Organized education in Norway
dates back to the Middle Ages.

Stamps with flowers from Norway.

Folk Costumes
An important part of Norway's cultural

Norse Mythology
Down through the ages, mythology has influenced peoples ideological and religious awareness.

Norway's First Stamp
Enjoy history and picture of Norway's first stamp.

Important events from Norway's post-war period.

Salvation Army in Norway
Their help to the poor and needy was organized by Othilie Tonning.

We got Stamp Booklets or Frimerkehefter for sale.

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Bumble Bees
There are thirty or so species of bumble bees in Norway.

The ladybug is commonly believed to bring good luck.

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