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from Norway

Collection of stock Certificates of different businesses from Norway

Bøndernes Fællessalg
Kristiania, Norway 1912

Bøndernes Vedsalg
Kristiansand, Norway 1920

Christianssand og Omegns Telefonaktieselskap
Christianssand, Norway 1894

Christianssand og Omegns Telefonaktieselskap
Christianssand, Norway 1896

Det Oversöiske Compagnie
Kristiania, Norway 1922

Det Oversöiske Compagnie
Kristiania, Norway 1922

Det Oversöiske Compagnie
Kristiania, Norway 1924

Kristiania, Norway 1893

Fixerage A/S
Oslo, Norway 1933

Fotografenes Varelager
Kristiania, Norway 1919

Frysningskompaniet A/S
Kristiania, Norway 1920

G. A. Hartmann A/S
Trondhjem, Norway 1925

G. Westergaard & Co
Bergen, Norway 1918

Grinebiter Collection
Oslo, Norway 1940

Haller,Koplands & Co A/S
Kristiania, Norway 1919

Ivar M. Daae
Skien, Norway 1918

Johnny Colbjørnsen
Kristiania, Norway 1920

Johnsen & Økland
Stavanger, Norway 1915

K. Grudes Filial A/S
Stavanger, Norway 1915

Køff-Kjøpmennenes Økonomiske Fellesforeta
Oslo, Norway 1950

Kristiania Frilager
Kristiania, Norway 1904

Larviks Cooperative Handelsforening
Larvik, Norway 1908

Lundeby Handelsforening
Herland, Norway 1908

Norsk Skogindkjøbslag
Kristiania, Norway 1906

Oscar Larsens Trævareforretning
Aalesund, Norway 1918

P. Fjermstads Efterf
Trondhjem, Norway 1916

Reklame Industri
Oslo, Norway 1933

Skandia Trading
Hölen, Norway 1920

Skandinavisk Import-Export Co
Kristiania, Norway 1917

Kristiania, Norway 1918

Voss, Norway 1918

Varemagasinet A/S
Tønsberg, Norway 1922

Vestlandske Kjöbmænds Engrosforretning
Bergen, Norway 1919

The above picture is of the G.A. Hartmann's storefront located in Olav Trygvesons Gade Trondhjem, Norway taken in the late 1920s. We have the
G. A. Hartmann Stock Certificate in our collection.

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